Hello, Grizzlies!

My name is Mrs. Peña and I have to tell you, I feel so fortunate to be placed as a student Physical Education teacher at Greenfield Jr. High! I am in my final semester in the Master's in Physical Education program at Arizona State University. From little on I have continued to have a love and passion for learning and teaching students all types of health, fitness and sports. With that, I have always believed that yoga is one of  the only exercises that can help someone in all areas of their life. 
I began practicing yoga when I was 14 years old, while playing ice hockey and golf. I continued to practice throughout high school, which helped me to get to the collegiate level of sports. I have been teaching group fitness for over 4 years in kickboxing, resistance training, weight lifting and yoga. Still to this day, yoga continues to help me have more balance, patience and resilience in my life, and is one of my favorite classes to teach!
No matter what anyone's age, flexibility, athletic ability or balance skills are, yoga is made for everyone! I know first hand how much yoga has helped myself with improvements in my emotional and physical health, along with academic and athletic performance. Because of this, I am offering free yoga classes once a week from now until the end of April! So, come join me! 


Namastay after school!